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from what i understand people don't seem to like my story about Jose. thats cool with me though, it was an inside joke to start with. i just thought i would post it for my own satisfaction. people at buddyhead.com really hated it, is it that bad??
well anyway...damn it feels good to be a gangsta.
songs to get off napster:
1) jump little children - words of wisdom
2) geto boys - damn it feels good to be a gansta
3) dillenger escape plan - 43% burnt
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The Day I Met Jose Conseco By: John Best I could go into long and tedious detail about my glorious day, but I will try to make the story short… It started with Jose shaking my hand, but it wasn’t a regular handshake. Mr. Conseco had something in his hand. I bet you can guess what that little something was, can’t you? Yep…you’re right!! It was a 3-pound bag of coke. So after snorting some of that fine Cuban crake we went a baseball game, but that was boring. So we went to a strip club and got drunk. Jose decided it would be fun to take the strippers home, but that wasn’t such a great idea. Mrs. Conseco and Jose Jr. were very surprised when they found Jose in the living room having sex with numerous women. Jose Jr. decided he would beat his daddy with a baseball bat. Man!!! That kid has a nice swing!! My guess is he is on steroids. Would you doubt it? I have money that says he goes pro and then becomes a man whore. Jose wasn’t allowed to sleep there that night, so I told him he could stay at my place. Wow, that was a bad idea. My mom didn’t like it when Jose decided to light up a big doobie and let my dog smoke it. Then he had sex with with my fish…don’t ask about that. When he was done he decided to tell me about his childhood. So he did. He said his father Don Juan was a drug lord and he had little Jose taking steroids and lifting weights by the age of two. His mother was a childaphobic, which ment if Jose ever tried to get close to her she beat him, but he never blamed her because he knew of her phobia. After telling me this Jose cried, so we decided to go to a bar. Drinks were on Jose, so I went ahead an ordered a Coors. Jose said “No, you must get Coors Light. The Regular Coors is to expensive. The lighter it weights the less I have to pay. May God have mercy on the man who orders a Coors Heavy!” By this point I know Jose was crazy, but I went along with it. I mean Heck, the man is only making league minimum. This is were I will cut the description of my day short, cause its only 11:00 in the morning and I have already written over a page. So remember GO ANGELS, but even more so GO JOSE CONSECO!! ~THE END~
12:33:44 PM|*


10)im going camping and rock climbing tommorow
09)i don't like, excuse me, hate school
08)i don't have a girlfriend, but i do want one. im not attracted to boys, so no im not gay.
07)im a strong Christian. i truely believe that Jesus came to life as the Son of God and died on the cross, rising from the dead, to save us from our sins. i use the bible as a guide to my life and i love having fellowship with my brothers and sisters of Christ.
06)i am aware that Christianity is the leading cause to Atheism. i try not to be the hypocrite that a lot of people are, so that people will see the true meaning of love. God.
05)i LOVE MUSIC....indie, emo, hardcore, jazz, blues, metal, punk, power-pop, rap, hip-hop, r and b, experimental, amoung many other generes. as long as its good music i like it.
04)i live off of cereal, mainly because i don't like to cook.
03)im lazy and i procrastinate
02)i LOVE you, your mother, father, brothers, sisters, friends and relatives. even if they have wronged me. i love them because everybody has faults. i have faults and so do you. some may be concidered worse than others, but they are faults. I still LOVE you and everybody else you know )even if i haven't met you or them).
01)ghosts and robbers scare me and my friend titled a song "ghosts and robbers" after that fact.

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oh yeah, life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone.
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purple is my least favorite shade of blue. its a color blind thing.
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oh yeah, my braces did come off the other day and everybody say i look like a movie star. my hair cut looks pretty good too. its a little bit short but I can tell it will look nice in a week or so. then there was the concert!! heck ya!!! first there was Guster. they were just amazing!!!! i can't stress that enough. brian 'the legendary conguero' was the most entertaing thing i have seen in a really long time. the sound in the universal amphateatre was just oustanding. i got everybody from gusters autograph on my Lost and Gone Forever cd after their set. so did everybody else in my family, even though im the only true guster fan. it really sort of makes me mad because my sister likes to take bands that i have discovered and make them 'her band'. i mean i listened to guster and barenaked ladies way before anybody else in my family. i have been a guster fan for about 2 years already. anyway, Barenaked Ladies were amazing as well. i will talk about them in a latter post. i am still in my nap recovering zone.
6:22:25 PM|*

taking after school naps has become like a drug to me. i keep doing it more often and its getting to the point where its really hard for me to go without one. even though there is a good sensation of getting rest while im napping, i feel like crap afterwards. it takes me a couple of hours to recover from my drousiness. its making more anti-social, as most of my friends are online chatting during my napping hours. so as you can see, napping is pretty much a drug to me.
6:16:38 PM|*


i bought a pair of navy blue saucony's today. my dad hate my favorite shirt. if your a rebel your parents are supposed to hate the way you dress. im not a rebel, but i don't care. i need to empy my trach. i hate ants. im downloading a mineral song. some really cool girl said it was her favorite, so i am getting it. what would we do without napster? inside jokes are only cool when you are on the inside. music is only good for those who can hear it. feeling the beat just wouldn't be the same. i thank Gor my hearing. I AM GETTING MY BRACES OFF TOMMOROW. i didnt have to make up my math test today. i went to a small group with my friends. i emailed my favorite girl telling her about my day. i tried to compliment her, girls always like that (even more than guys). NOTE TO GUYS: YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE EXTREMELY HUNKY LOOKING FOR GIRLS TO BE ATTRACTED TO YOU. IF YOU COMPLIMENT GIRLS AND BE YOUR COOL, CONFIDENT SELF AROUND THEM....THEY WILL DIG YOU. or at least thats what i hope. its my only hope. sort of, im shy. im not always very sociable with girls. the really hot ones that is. oh yeah...and the REALLY ugly ones too. not to say that anybody is ugly. they might be in my eye, but maybe not your and deffineltly not Gods. so thats all i will say for today, not that it was short. i just need to get sleep. tommorow should rock. if it does you will hear about it, if it doesn't you will probably hear even more about it. thats because i, like most people (especially those in the BLOGGER community), tend to complain. oh well, i love you. thats it. cheers.
10:45:43 PM|*


im really sick. i can't breath out of my nose. i have had a headache for 3 days straight. my throat hurts and i have a cough. basically everything hurts but my stumach. i don't feel like i will throw up, but i get dizzy when i move. i missed school on thurdsay and friday, which means i have 3 test to make up. i would study for those test, but because of my illness i can't see very well and if i try to study my head just gets worse. so thats my life right now. a kid stuck inside for the last 4 days. looking on the bright side now...on tuesday i get my braces off (i have had them on for a year and 9 months), i get my hair cut (that hasn't happened in about a month) and i get to go see the barenaked ladies and guster in concert with my entire family (a once in a life time event). so basically if i can pull throught the next couple days, there will be a reward waiting for me at the end.
12:47:31 PM|*

me on highschool dances: i came for the food, but the food sucked.
12:05:59 PM|*

Knocking On Heavens Door. By John Best.

Run To The House
Walk Down The Path
Of Cobblestone Perfume
Know Where You Stand
Your Safe Now Here
Walk A Little More
Open Up The Door

Its Over Now
Your Alive
The Pain Is Gone
Go Ahead And Cry
Let It Out, You Know Why?
This Can't Be Real
It's Finally Over
Yes You Won
So Don't Worry About It
Just Go Have Fun

note: this was bassed on the best dream i ever had
10:50:44 AM|*

(a corny, Dr. Suess style rap, a la, John Best)
:::Hardcore Show:::
im going to a show
without any doe
so i sneak through the back
between that little crack

security says, "hey john, don't go away"
i reply, "why not, my birthday is this may"

through the confusion, they sat back down
with a little frown

so tired they gave up
thats when i ordered a 7-Up
and i got it in a cup

i watched the band
some girl smashed her hand

i got bumped in the pit
by some kid with no wit

i got kicked in the colar
for less than a dollar

punched in the thigh
i don't know why

the music was loud
for the big crowd

to me it was dull
i considered it null

so freakin wet
from other guys sweat

nasty as can be
thank God it was free!!

:::Johnny T.:::
10:41:47 AM|*


on my way
nails broke and fell
into the
wishing well
--at the drive-in
7:00:25 PM|*


i got the crap beat out of me at the show first thing. the music wasn't that great. not that fun. oh well.
2:14:06 PM|*

::in conclusion::
the world: trying to please yourself, while being somebody else
the wise: trying to please god, by helping others out

2:13:10 PM|*


semantics tycoon with dictionary in hand
10:04:52 PM|*


im going to a focused, overcome, point of recogntion show on Friday. a hole bunch of people from my church are going, so it should be a ton of fun. october 10th is going to be great. i am getting my braces off and going to a Guster / Barenaked Ladies concerts with my family. wow. it will be so great.
9:43:27 PM|*

went to a bible study tonight at Starbucks. it was pretty cool. i really like the guys i do it with. we all have very good relationships with God right now. my life has been so wonderfull the last month. i could type and type about it, but i have so much i want to do. it almost seems like a waste of time. i could sit here and tell you about it, but all you really need to know is this: the only thing that will fill that void in your heart is the love of Jesus. that probably sounds corny to you if you aren't Christian, but it couldn't be any more true. i have tried to live my life by myself, doing stupid stuff to make me happy. then when i wasn't doing that stupid stuff i got really depressed. i am like happy 24/7 nowadays. its great. Cheers, Peace, God Bless you all.
9:40:02 PM|*


hey you! just do your best.
7:23:56 PM|*

i want to sing of Gods love for me. i want to have a voice. i want to speak and be spoken to. i want to be aggresive. i want to flirt. i want to lose my jealously. lose my fear. i want to live like a regular teenager. i want to have lots of friends. some that will love me to the end. im thankfull for everthing that i get. nothing is never enough. something is still less than that. most of all i want none of the above. all i really want is love.
your never alone, trust that. never.
7:12:09 PM|*





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